Buying & Selling – Assemble Your Team!

When working through the home buying and selling process, there are often more people involved than you would think! Unlike HGTV shows which lead you to believe that all it takes is a Realtor® and a renovator, that’s just unrealistic.

Think of a Hospital and how many individuals it takes to do just ONE surgery. It would never JUST be a Doctor helping a patient. There’s always many other people making sure the patient gets well quickly, such as Nurses, Anesthesiologists, Surgical Techs and Physicians Assistants to just name a FEW. This team is a preassembled group that will help the surgical process run as smoothly as possible and Real Estate is no different!

Since there is a possibility that you may desire to place an offer on a property on which there are multiple offers, you have to have your team pre-assembled in order to make sure you are able to work quickly and efficiently. If not, you may have to search for a member of your team during the purchasing process, which will lengthen the time needed to put your deal together.

Always remember, the longer it takes for contracts to be executed, the more at risk you are of losing the house to another buyer! So, who should you line up to have on your team?

Mandatory/ The A-Team:

  • Realtor® (Coordinator)
  • Home Inspector/Engineer
  • Mortgage Broker/Banker
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Non-profit financial aid consultant for some first time home buyers (if applicable)


  • Appraiser (usually supplied from the Mortgage Representative)
  • Accountant
  • Financial Planner
  • Decorator
  • Architect
  • General Contractor

After Signed Contracts:

  • Insurance Company
  • Surveyor
  • Title Company (usually supplied by the Real Estate Attorney)

If you already know and trust someone who is on any of these lists, then start with that team member and ask that person to give you recommendations or referrals for the others! If you don’t know anyone well enough from the list, then you may find any of these team members from many different sources, including, but certainly not limited to, your Realtor®. On our team, we ensure that if you need recommendations, we are only referring the best and brightest individuals we know!

Now that you have a little more knowledge on who you will need on your team during your home buying and selling process, stay tuned for our next post where we outline how your Realtor® will represent YOU during this time!

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