The Value Of Your Home

In a neighborhood of similar homes, why is one worth more than another? That’s a question that’s befuddled buyers and sellers for ages, but the answer is simple. Every home is different! When a home is sold, a willing seller and a willing buyer have just announced to the world the value of that home. […]

Representation by a Realtor®

So, you read our last blog post about “the team members necessary to go through your buying/selling process”…now what? The next step is to find someone who is going to represent you and your needs for your real estate transaction. Someone who is going to walk you through the process and handle all of that […]

4 Tips to Ace Your First Home Purchase

If you ask a homeowner what it was like to buy their first home, they’ll probably mention a few things they’d change if they could do it all again. While it’s impossible to know everything about the home-buying process beforehand, you can still prepare yourself for what lies ahead—and figure out how to avoid some […]

Service Animals and Fair Housing

Let’s start off by saying this: Legally… Service Animals are NOT pets! While they may look similar to your everyday furry friend, there’s a big distinction to keep in mind. This distinction is especially important for landlords to know when it comes to handling tenants. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions […]

The Top 4 Home-Selling Myths of 2019, Busted

“Fake news” has become one of the trendiest terms of the decade—even when it comes to real estate. Homeowners are often bombarded with selling advice that promises to get their home sold quickly and for top dollar…but more often than not, these “tips” are nothing more than misleading—and can throw you off-track.  As we near […]