Why You Should Buy a Home During the Off Season

Your personal home-buying schedule doesn’t have to correspond with the real estate market! In fact, buying during the “off season” can yield tremendous advantages. The “off season” differs depending on your specific location, but always refers to the period of time during a calendar year when both inventory and competition are low. Usually, this corresponds […]

All About Our Agents: Ken Maxwell

Welcome back to ‘All About Our Agents’. Today we are sharing some fun facts about another one of our fabulous team members, Ken Maxwell! Ken was inspired to become an agent through a friend who you might have heard of: Keller Williams. Ken has now been a real estate agent for two and a half […]

All About Our Agents: Rob DeCourcey

Welcome back to our All About Our Agents series! This week we had a wonderful conversation with another one of our fabulous agents, Rob DeCourcey! Rob was always interested in the business of Real Estate, so after becoming bored with his nine to five routine doing direct mail marketing, he decided to take the course. […]

All About Our Agents: Leon Stokes

Hello again from your favorite Real Estate team! We are back with another highly requested ‘All About Our Agents’ blog post! This week we have the pleasure of sharing some fun facts about our Showing Agent, Mr. Leon Stokes! Leon was born in Yonkers, has been an agent for four years, and knew Mark Seiden […]